The HERBinator Story

A Premium Precision Processor for Your Favorite Herb

The Perfect Processor for Your Favorite Herb

Produces the Perfect Texture – Perfect Flavor – Perfect Potency

All in Seconds directly to Your Cone – Pipe – Bowl or Cannister

NEVER Touch Your Favorite Herb with Your Fingers Again

The HERBinator Benefits

The HERBinator is NOT a grinder but is a processor that chops and breaks down your herb in seconds to the perfect size and texture for the perfect smoke.

The best grinders on the market are primarily hand grinders or electric powered grinders that work the same way. The method for loading the grinder has traditionally been done by touching your herb, weed, cannabis, or marijuana and breaking it up so it will fit into the blade area. By touching it with your fingers, the acidity from your skin will remove much of the Kief on the bud and also affect the integrity of the herb itself. The Kief is the most portent portion of your favorite herb and delivers the best flavor. Many people want to catch the Kief and or pollen for future use as it is a more potent and more flavor full smoke.

The HERBinator takes care of all these issues. Because of the high RPM motor, the blades do NOT cut the herb but chops and breaks it up so that the integrity of the bud and the leaf stay intact. The blades allow all of the Kief to fall down with the now textured leaf falling through the screen to keep any larger stem material from falling through that screen. This will produce the best smoke you can experience.

After some use you can scrap the residue from the side of the processing chamber and throughout the funnel. However, most of the good stuff has already been smoked so it reduces the amount of any wasted material.

How the HERBinator Works

The HERBinator has been exhaustively developed to produce the highest quality in design and functionality for the best smoking experience for you and your favorite herb and will last for many years to come.

First the HERBinator is made of Aircraft quality Aluminum with titanium coated blades and other features. The motor is a high-quality sealed casing that produces over 6000 RPM action with specially designed blades to chop and break up your bud in 2 seconds. It comes with a pair of Tongs so you can pick up your bud without your fingers and place it into the processing chamber easily and quickly. Once you have connected the motor portion to the chamber portion simply press the on button and it will break up your bud in 2 seconds. You then allow it to funnel through the screen and down into the cannister area. You may store your herb in the cannister using the second top to seal your herb to stay fresh until your next use.

In addition, you can connect the filling stand and the herb will fall directly into a cone, pipe or bowl and it is ready to smoke right away. This makes the entire process about 10 seconds. No cleaning or anything needed. Just process and smoke. The screen allows only the perfect sized material to fall through. Perfection every time.

Titanium Coated 431 Stainless Steel Chopping Blade Assembly.
4 Start Threading for easy on and off Top Piece
Main Body – 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum.
431 Stainless Steel Screens / Replaceable.
Lithium Battery – 3 Volt / Rechargeable.
3 Volt Electric Motor
Pouring Spout for easy Distribution.
Cleaning Brush for Fine Material.